FAQ and Policies

I have an order from the old shop what will happen with that order?

All orders from Squarespace are imported and recorded here on Shopify.


Will I get notices for orders from the old shop?

At this point you'll need to make sure you have your shopify order number or email for us to locate your order. Any notifications will come from Shopify and/or Shippo.


How will my order appear on my statement?

For most orders it will appear as 9-5 GP however this may be different if you use PayPal or other payment options as it can be coded differently. Other comment names on your billing will be 9 to 5 Gay Pins or 95GP. If you use Afterpay or Klarna it may be different then these.


When will my order ship?

Depending on what you ordered it will vary:

In Stock: within 5 days*

In Production: 1-3 months*

Presale: Up to 7-12 months*


*timeframes are subject to change, as shutdowns of production become less common this timeframe will be lowered.


Can I cancel my order?

Normally no all orders are final but you can message us as we handle cancellations on a case by case basis.

Orders that are refunded are subject to a 15% restocking fee

If your order is nearing 12 months you'll be contacted and offered a full refund with no fee. The refund will be processed if your order cannot be fulfilled before the 12 months are up.

In the event that items come in before we process your refund those items will be shipped out as normal.


I received the wrong item(s), how can I go about getting the correct item(s)?

Please contact us and make sure to provide pictures and your order number. Any replaces will be sent once the items are returned. In some rare cases on sold out items orders get swapped. In which case we can’t exchange unless the other party also contacts us. 

PLEASE NOTE WE WILL NOT REPLACE ITEMS WITHOUT PHOTOS. Your inquiry for wrong or missing items must be within 48 hours of recieving the items in the mailbox


Can I exchange or return an item?

No all sales are final.

Orders that are refunded are subject to a 15% restocking fee.


If I get a damaged item can I get my money back?

We do not offer refunds for damaged caused by USPS or other postal services. If you order anything below a Grade A item, one of the possibilities of a flaw is damage. Please contact us to review the item and we can look into available options.


If I need an exchange or return where will I send my return?

 Please make sure your return or exchange is approved before sending any items back. Unapproved returns or exchanges will not be honored.


How is shipping cost determined?

Our shipping cost is based on the cost of USPS shipping combined with materials.



I noticed an item says it’s out of stock when will you restock it?

Depending on the situation it isn’t likely it will be restocked. Most of the time if an item is sold out we pull it from the shop shortly after. Presale sell outs though will remain in the shop until the pins are in hand. Normally when we get our in hand stock that is the only time we restock.


Do you take special requests for pins?

If you are asking if you can alter a design, no I don’t take those kinds of request. If you are asking me to make you a pin, this would really depend on your budget. I am not a factory so I could only really act as a middle man if you didn’t want to deal directly with a factory. And depending on what you are looking for you would be required to buy the bulk of the stock or allow it to be sold in my shop. However, you personally would be required to pay the production costs on any such custom designs. To place a custom order please fill out our google doc for wholesale/bulk orders.


Do you offer any payment plans or financial assistance?

I would suggest you use PayPal Credit or their 4 payments checkout for any financial assistance on purchases. We also offer Affirm and other payment methods as well.


I moved how do I change my address?

Please update your address on your customer profile and then contact us so we can adjust your orders.



We grade our pins once they have arrived from the factory. Grades are determined by a set of standards that are made based on the original art, the proof, and the physical pins.

Grade A: Unflawed

Standard: This grade is in replace of Grade A when there is a flaw on 90% of the pins. This flaw is normally small and does not take away from the design.

Grade B: Minor flaw (unnoticeable)

Grade C: Multiple minor flaws or 1 major flaw

Grade D: Major flaw

Grades are altered or moved based on the overall quality of the pins. A common flaw maybe removed from the list of flaws if it is present in all or nearly all of the pins. This type of adjust normally applies to painting or printing flaws. Most of the time if a flaw is common and noticiable the pins are moved to the Standard grade and no A Grades are given.



Currently 60% off the available inventory is put up for presale. This is to ensure the best quality for our presale buyers. While some pins have a higher or lower A Grade rate the average is 60%. We ensure that all our presale buyers get the best pins we can offer from the inventory.

In the chance that the only stock of pins available are of Grade C or lower, you will be contacted before shipment of an order and we will work with you on reaching a satisfactory compromise.

If you are offered a compromise and fail to respond within 72 hours from the date of notice, you have chosen to forfeit your requests to appeal for compensation and a fitting compromise will be chosen for you. After reaching a compromise, no further compensation will be available.

Compensation will only be offered before shipping of a Grade C or lower presale purchased pin. Grade C or lower ratings on pins is up to our own discretion (description in the Grading section listed above). That is in order to protect our integrity and business, but to also establish a financial responsibility with any guests. All sales are considered final.



If you order more than one pin they may ship out to you at different times. Below you will find out estimates for the speed in which you might get your order. Please note that each pin and order is different. Larger pins can take longer.

NOTICE: During COVID we lost contact with some of our reps and have been working our way back through those orders. This process takes time but we are actively working on fufilling all orders.

In stock items will ship within 3 days

In production within 4-6 months (without production delays)

Presale within 7-12 months

After orders have shipped please allow up to 7 business days for US shipping and up to 8 weeks for International shipping.

We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged mail. We do take everything by a case by case basis but in general we do not claim fault for the postal service and do not compensate for problems caused by them.



We don’t accept returns or offer refunds. This is a general rule and is handled by a case by case basis. However, it is an exception when offered and most likely will not be offered again.

For wanting returns or exchanges based on damage, please make sure to send clear pictures of the damage. Damage done during shipping is not something we cover and can’t be held responsible for.

Please realize that sometimes an exchange is not possible because an item is sold out. Exchanging does not guarantee a better pin. But the best pin we have available will be sent as a replace.

Any and all returns/refunds/exchanges must be shipped by the post office before we issue the refund. In some cases the items must arrive before a refund or exchange is sent.

Please contact us before making a dispute, if a pin is in production and you make a dispute there isn’t anything we can do for you. If you make a dispute without contacting us first we will see it as breaking our final sale policy and you may be barred from future orders.

Orders that are refunded are subject to a 15% restocking fee.


Normal Group Chats

At this time we are not opening any new pin groups please follow us on IG for info on when they might return.


Our clubs have currently been paused or completed, you can still buy singles of some of the designs. But at this time we will not be starting any new clubs. Please follow us on IG for when clubs may restart. You can still join the birthday club but this is the only active club.



We do not share any of your information with any other parties and will not use or sell your information.


PayPal and Other Disputes

Please make sure to contact us directly to resolve any order issues before putting in a dispute. Putting in a dispute without properly seeking support may lead to a ban on future orders.

Do to increased fees from payment processors for disputes, disputes maybe subject to an additional 5% restocking fee.



9 to 5 Gay Pins highly discourages reselling or flipping pins. While we understand life happens and sometimes you need to sell your pins we ask that you do so in a respectful manner and do not inflate the price higher 1.5x the cost while the pin is in stock or in production/presale. Anyone found to be flipping in stock or non sold out items will be barred from making additional orders. Any orders they do have are subject to cancellation and restocking fees. 

9 to 5 Gay Pins will not enforce reselling restrictions on indualivials with proven hardships or after a pin has been sold out from the shop for a reasonable amount of time.