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This page is for those that want to make 1 or 2 pin designs but don't really want to get into pin making.

A) Remake one of my designs:

1) Limited Edition Designs: For these designs you will need to pay the factory remake fee PLUS:

1a) 20% for single (1 pin in total made) of the design. The requirement for this is that the new pin must use new pantone colors OR effects enough to be called a new variant.

1b) 15% for mulitple of the design to be made. The requirment for this the new pins must use new pantone colors OR effects enough to be called a new variant.

1c) 60% of factory fees plus shipping this is the same as 1b but at least 50% off the inventory will be sold in my shop. 

2) Limited Release Designs:

2a) 15% for a single pin to be made. This can be using the same pantones and effects or completely new ones.

2b) 10% for mulitple pins, same as 2a. 9 to 5 Gay Pins does reverse the right to order additional units to sell in their shop.

B) Your own designs: For these the designs must be YOUR'S that you own the pin rights to. Sending me a finished pin and asking me to recreate it will not be accepted.

1) Single pins: factory fees+20%+shipping

2) Multiple Pins:

2a) All pins are sent directly to you: Factory fees+15%+shipping

2b) At least 50% are kept in 9 to 5 Gay Pins Shop: 60% of Factory fees+shipping

Additional Charges:

A) Artwork: For this I will get you in touch with one of the artist I work with. If you handle the artwork completely you will pay them directly. If you wish for me to handle the artwork it will be the artist fee+5%. Please note that some artist are name your price and they will then work from there while others are set pricing. Artist availablity varies.

B) Sample/Back Stamp: these are extra factory fees and do vary. Any fees will be added to your total before my % is added.

C) Grading: If you want me to grade the pins when they come in I will do so for you this will be your choice of an additional 5% added to your total or $20/hr. You must pick an option upfront, pricing will not be adjusted to the other option because of hindsight.


A) All factory payments are due upfront, my % will be due upon completion with shipping. 

B) Financing will be available in some cases. Financing will be done by either A) allowing me to sell some of the pins in my shop or B) Klarna/Afterpay/or other payment plan providor.

C) Late fees and Cancellations: After payment is sent to me you agree to follow through until the end with this project. If you are doing a payment plan or choose to pay my % later with shipping or just shipping itself, you will be subject to late fees if I must hold your pins for more than 48 hours if the remaining balance is not paid. Late fees will be 1% or $20 (whichever is greater) a day until the late fee told hits $300. If the remaining balance is not paid within 17 days (2 day grace period plus 15 days) then the number or pins needed to cover the balance plus late fees will be put into my shop. Once the balance and late fees have been covered by sales and/or payment the remaining pins will be sent to you.

Below please fill out your info plus a short describtion of what you are looking for.

Have an issue?

Please use the below link to contact us. Due to the number of inquires we get not all inquires will be responded to.

Support Request Form

Phone Support: 347-637-8596

Email Support: 9to5gaypins@gmail.com

At this time we are still setting up phone support please use the Google Doc ticket system for inquires. For email support we ask that you continue to use the Google Doc ticket system so all inquires are in one place. If you get an email from us inquiring more info please respond to that email and not submit a new ticket.

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